The Morueta-Holme Group 2020. From left to right: Jascha, Yaquan, Sara, Naia and Charlie. Behind the camera: Nacho

Current members

Naia Morueta-Holme (PI)

Charlie Davison (Research Assistant)

The common theme of my research is the impact of humans on the natural world – my primary focus being on the role of land-use change as a driver of biodiversity declines.  I come from a background in tropical ecology, mostly studying mammals in Borneo, and have carried out many months of remote fieldwork. For my PhD I examined the state of the land-use change and biodiversity literature, and investigating the interactive effects of land-use change and climate change on bird communities in Denmark.

Phillip Wulff Carstensen (MSc student)

As a geographer I have worked with a wide array of problems regarding climate, environment, and nature in general. Furthermore, I have an interest in biodiversity and how we accommodate wildlife in an anthropogenic world. My master thesis “Areas of importance for conserving biodiversity, climate, and water resources in Denmark” aims to examine what areas of Denmark that need to be prioritized to efficiently contribute to the EU goals of protected area. The thesis will examine what areas hold the highest multifunctional value, as well as examining weighted scenarios and potential synergies and tradeoffs among the three variables. The goal is to contribute future to planning schemes and nature conservation based on data driven analyses.

Yutong Song (MSc student)

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Txapi (lab pet)

I am an Insta360 Pro2 camera, assisting the lab to capture 360 degree images in the field for studies exploring the usability of ground-based imagery to quantify local habitat complexity and improve models of biodiversity

Past Members

MSc students

Lukas Seifert. MSc 2022: Quantifying the effect of structural habitat complexity on bird species richness in Danish ecosystems. Now pursuing his PhD at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Laia Codina. MSc 2022: Ground-based images, a potential tool in forest ecology.

Jascha Brettschneider. MSc 2021: Changes in assemblages and functional traits of Arctic tundra vascular plants over 74 years: A historical resurvey. Now applying for conservation research jobs in the US

Sara Bundgaard. MSc 2021: Arctic vegetation response to climate change over 74 years – A resurvey study of the Kangerlussuaq region based on the historic records of Tyge W. Böcher. Now High School teacher

Ignacio (Nacho) Reyes. MSc 2021: Historical changes in European Odonates’ thermal niches and their link to climate change. Now pursuing his PhD at University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Yaquan Chang. MSc 2020: Plant functional responses to human and environmental drivers — insights from Danish temperate forest communities. Now pursuing her PhD at ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Jesse Case Jones. MSc 2020: Past human influence on disequilibrium dynamics on Eastern United States trees. Now pursuing his PhD at University of Florida, USA

Cathrine Hemmingsen. MSc 2019: Potential impact on terrestrial plant diversity of pollutant loading from port operations at Tema, Ghana. Now Sustainability Advisor at Ørsted, Denmark

Samantha Van Deurs. MSc 2019: Changes in phytogeographical knowledge over two centuries: An update of the world’s first maps of global plant distributions and floristic regions. Now pursuing her PhD at ETH Zürich, Switzerland


Francesco Chini. Postdoc Intern 2020. Now Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Tübingen, Germany

Nathan Mazet. MSc Intern 2018: Genetic differentiation patterns among species of terrestrial mammals. Now pursuing his PhD at University of Montpellier, France

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